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  • Triangular tents use herringbone iron pipes as supports at the front and back, and a cross bar is connected in the middle to support the inner curtain and install the outer curtain.


  • When the minimum temperature at night is higher than 25 degrees, it's OK to carry a fleece sleeping bag at this time. A thinner envelope sleeping bag is also OK.


  • The name of each part of the tent. Tents are carried in parts and assembled on site, so a variety of parts and tools are needed. Know the name of each part and use method, familiar with the structure of the tent, in order to quickly and conveniently erect the tent.


  • Trekking poles are mainly used in relatively complex terrain with heavy loads, such as hiking, long-distance field trips, mountaineering, etc. In this usage scenario, trekking poles mainly have the following functions:


  • Sports knee spoorts and braces can protect the knee joint. Wearing a sports knee spoorts and braces can play an obvious protective role on the knee joint when exercising and walking, and can reduce the number of injuries due to excessive movement of the knee joint.


  • Some friends kept the Trekking Poles when hiking, and the pose was also tired, so they held the Trekking Poles in their hands. It is that the tip of the stick is very sharp. If the pole of the stick is facing up, once the person walking behind accidentally falls forward, it is likely to be pierced by the tip of the stick and cause damage. So under any circumstances, the tip of the stick can only go down, and it is strictly forbidden;