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  • Triangular tents use herringbone iron pipes as supports at the front and back, and a cross bar is connected in the middle to support the inner curtain and install the outer curtain.


  • When the minimum temperature at night is higher than 25 degrees, it's OK to carry a fleece sleeping bag at this time. A thinner envelope sleeping bag is also OK.


  • ​A sleeping bag is a portable insulated bedroll designed for outdoor activities, camping, and sleeping in various environments. Its primary purpose is to provide a comfortable and warm sleeping environment while protecting the user from the elements. Here are some key points about the purpose of a sleeping bag:


  • ​What you wear to sleep in a sleeping bag depends on various factors, including the temperature of the environment and personal preferences. Here are some general guidelines:


  • Camping tents and backpacking tents are both shelters used for outdoor accommodation, but they differ in various aspects, primarily relating to their design, weight, size, and intended use.


  • At present, there are three main styles of trekking poles, namely two-section telescopic type, three-section telescopic type, and folding type. The folding type is further divided into three-section folding type, five-section folding type, etc. The five-section folding type makes it more compact and easy to store. This type of trekking pole We have it in our store.