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  • Triangular tents use herringbone iron pipes as supports at the front and back, and a cross bar is connected in the middle to support the inner curtain and install the outer curtain.


  • When the minimum temperature at night is higher than 25 degrees, it's OK to carry a fleece sleeping bag at this time. A thinner envelope sleeping bag is also OK.


  • The locking system is the most critical part of a trekking pole, which directly tests the stability of a trekking pole. It is generally divided into external lock and internal lock. The external lock is generally locked by tightening the outside, while the internal lock is locked by rotating the internal components to expand and contact the inner wall.


  • In the last article, we explained the precautions for using a tent, and today we will talk about the remaining points.


  • What should we pay attention to when using a tent? Today we will talk about these precautions.


  • Camping is an outdoor activity, and you need to prepare some necessary items to ensure the safety and comfort of the camping process. Here is a detailed list of must-have items for camping:


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