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Triangle tent construction

It is more complicated to set up a double-layer triangular tent. The steps are as follows:
Lovely camping tent
Lovely camping tent
1) Lay the tent of the tent flat on the ground, flatten it and nail down the ground nails along the bottom edge.
2) Support the two poles from the tent, put on the isolating tube, and then put on the cross pole.
3) Put on the tent jacket and lay down the pull nails of the jacket to make all the outer tents stretched straight.
4) Put the rainproof cap into the end of the pole, put on the windproof cable, and finish.
Note: There is a space between the inner and outer tents of the triangular double-layer tent. This space should be maintained, and the inner and outer layers should not be "dipped" together. This space can protect against rain and keep warm.

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